awardsLombino Law Studio (“LLS”) was formed with the traditional idea of an attorney and counselor relationship to a client in mind. That relationship is viewed as an almost sacred trust. To make that trust meaningful in the modern world, LLS embodies the belief that a good advisor has experience in their clients’ business issues, and can “add value” to their clients’ undertakings.

As with any law firm, traditional or not, our legal services are our product. Our motto, ‘The Art of Law’, is a reflection of the philosophy LLS believes distinguishes the strongest legal service providers from the rest. It reminds us to strive for more than good service; to add those special elements that experience, a creative mind and a sharp intellect can create.

By remembering to keep a bit of art in our work, we hope to keep our client’s business flowing, evolving, and prospering within an even changing legal landscape.

Rewarding Risk

We understand that in business, there is no reward without risk — risk is the path to a competitive advantage, a good product and a sweet margin. And so we know we have to put more of ourselves into our work. Being just a legal technician is not only inadequate; it is dangerous. We bring an artist’s touch to our work for you, an artist that paints with a pallet of jurisprudence, sociology and psychology. LLS, of course, avoids advice that will lead to violation of the law. On the other hand…

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Services Offered

  • Software
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Gaming
  • Industrial Arts
  • Litigation
  • Technology

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About Us

For Charles Lombino, this knowledge came from an excellent legal education, and early years at a large blue ribbon firm. Mr. Lombino spent years learning the law of commerce, as well as the jurisprudence behind it. Skill came from experience, and was magnified by a continuing and constant search for ways to bring positive results to clients. This challenging approach requires spending untold hours of personal time learning the industries of clients to gain a practical advantage. It requires challenging existing practices with new ideas…

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